The Belwin Conservancy and our members are working together to protect the St. Croix Valley through land conservation, scientifically-based ecological restoration and by building connections between people and the natural world. The Belwin Conservancy's 1,375 acre preserve includes oak savanna and woodlands, tallgrass prairie, wetlands, and fens. It is home to numerous rare and threatened plants and animals. The Belwin Conservancy is a nonprofit organization and needs your help to continue working to protect the landscape and wildlife of this area.

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Upcoming Events

The Belwin Conservancy hosts events throughout the year both for our members and some that are open to the public. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and RSVP for them right here.
Sunday, January 27th, 2019
Winter Fun at the Creative Center

Free and open to everyone Explore Belwin’s Creative Center this winter by hiking, sledding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing our ungroomed trails. Belwin staff will ...


Friday, February 15th, 2019
Owl Prowl

Photo by Mdf. This popular event returns in 2019! Join us as we hike through the winter woods listening for owls and other nocturnal creatures ...

Free for Belwin members, fee for non-members.

Saturday, February 16th, 2019
Open Third Saturday

Open to everyone! Guided Experience: Free for members, $10 for non-members Black-capped chickadee photo by John Pennell/U.S. Air Force. Participate in programs, meet ...


Open House with Special Guest Kinji Akagawa

Free and open to everyone Photo by Nancy Gibble. Experience the beauty of a winter evening at Belwin and enjoy a special talk by artist ...


Other Events

Get to Know the Belwin Conservancy

In addition to learning about the Belwin Conservancy today, we hope you'll stay connected with our work. Join us and help protect the St. Croix watershed through thoughtful land conservation and by inspiring our connection to the natural world.



There are many great places and ways to visit the Belwin Conservancy's preserve. There are miles of public hiking trails through beautiful restored prairies and even an observation platform.



If you'd like to volunteer your time and expertise, we have many opportunities for you to do so.

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Valley Creek flows clear on a cold midwinter’s night

As it spins through the galaxy in trajectory around the sun, the Earth leans on its axis, 23.5-degrees. That slightest lean means all the difference between warm summer days, sun on the back and toes in the soft, brown dirt – that and the cold bite of winter, frozen breath before your face and wind whipping loudly through the now ...

The St. Croix Connection

Belwin’s work to protect the prized Valley Creek has big benefits downstream in the Wild & Scenic River it joins. Photo by Greg Seitz. Valley Creek is clean and healthy, but it really shouldn’t be. The headwaters of the cold and crystal-clear stream are found at the edge of the Twin Cities urban core. The surrounding landscape is developed ...

Signs in Nature

Just like during road construction season, Belwin Conservancy has signs too! Ours don’t limit speed but instead inform visitors: “Turtle Crossing” or “This way to the bison!” or, perhaps most importantly, “Open to Everyone Year-Round!” While there are literal signs at Belwin, nature also provides plenty to those willing to stop and look: the lengthening shadows as we near ...

Belwin Welcomes New Executive Director

Photo by Rigel Bloome. We are excited to welcome Katie Bloome to Belwin Conservancy as our new executive director. Katie will lead the Belwin team as we protect and restore our landholdings, expand our programming and public outreach, and continue and strengthen our 47-year partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools. She has worked in nonprofit operations, program management, and fundraising ...

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