The Belwin Conservancy and our members are working together to protect the St. Croix Valley through land conservation, scientifically-based ecological restoration and by building connections between people and the natural world. The Belwin Conservancy's 1,364 acre preserve includes oak savanna and woodlands, tallgrass prairie, wetlands, and fens. It is home to numerous rare and threatened plants and animals. The Belwin Conservancy is a nonprofit organization and needs your help to continue working to protect the landscape and wildlife of this area.

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Upcoming Community Events

Savanna Spring: New poems by Laurie Allmann
Sunday, September 25 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Chilkoot Cafe, Stillwater Reception with Artists

Local writer Laurie Allmann will read from a new collection of poems inspired by her 2016 spring artist residency exploring the natural landscapes of Belwin Conservancy in Afton.

Program is free and open to the public. Doors open 5:30 p.m., program 6-7, artist reception following. Chilkoot will offer a selection of fine wine, beverages and appetizers for purchase.

There will also be original music by Susan Haugh, composer and Program Manager of Belwin Conservancy.

Read Laurie's poem Open Grown highlighting Belwin's newly restored oak savanna.

Upcoming Events

The Belwin Conservancy hosts events throughout the year both for our members and some that are open to the public. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and RSVP for them right here.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
Night in Nature

Hosts Richard Bend - Julia & Chris Charlsen - Tom Degree & Dean Schlaak - Mike & Stephanie DeruyckLois & Joe Duffy - Renee & Duane Fearing - Susan Haugh & Jane Ramseyer Miller - Christy & Doug Hlavacek - Jill & Chuck Koosman - Ann Ledy - Donna Luttinen - Pam Neary & Court Storey - Nan Etzwiler & Dan O’Neil - Danette Olsen & Bill McCarthy - Kristy & Bill Petrich - Lucy Rogers & Larry Grant - Heather Rutledge - Kathy & Ted Saltzman - Anastasia Shartin - Steve & Erin Smillie - Melissa & Doug Strom - Lori Swanson & Dan Anderson - Jill Tammen & Dave Long - Steve & Julia Steury - Jen & Michelle Truman - Jean Marie & Peter Ulland - Lucia & Jen Wroblewski - Kava Zabawa & John Bischoff Please join us Wednesday, September 14th6:00 - 8:00 PMShort Program at 6:45Great Wine - Artisan Cheese - Craft ...


Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Early Morning Bird Hike

Explore a portion of the Belwin Conservancy on a guided to listen and look for migrating birds. Space is limited – registration required.

Bison Buggy Rides

All members are invited to join us for short rides on the Bison Buggy and tour up close with the bison. Rides will be available ...

Open Third Saturday

Once a month all the trails at Belwin are open for every member to come and walk from 11 am to 3 pm. This includes ...
Other Events

Get to Know the Belwin Conservancy

In addition to learning about the Belwin Conservancy today, we hope you'll stay connected with our work. Join us and help protect the St. Croix watershed through thoughtful land conservation and by inspiring our connection to the natural world.



There are many great places and ways to visit the Belwin Conservancy's preserve. There are miles of public hiking trails through beautiful restored prairies and even an observation platform.



If you'd like to volunteer your time and expertise, we have many opportunities for you to do so.


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Unveiling an Endangered Ecosystem

Monday, July 25, marked the official premiere of our Lake Edith Oak Savanna to Belwin Conservancy members. After being rescheduled from the previous week due to excessive heat, a crowd of about 75 members was eager to explore the savanna, especially to view the well-known but seldom-seen Lake Edith. Belwin Conservancy staff were equally eager to show off the 233-acre ...

Lake Edith Oak Savanna: A Labor of Love

The land around Lake Edith in Afton is the start of the Minnesota Blufflands, a landscape comprised of prairies, oak savannas, coulees and woodlands. As the last glaciers melted 12,000 years ago, sand and gravel spewed across the landscape. Oak trees thrived on that dry soil, and regular fires kept the underbrush back while allowing the flame-tolerant trees to ...

Bringing Sustainability

Something is growing at the Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields. It’s tall, provides shade, pumps water, and collects sunlight. It’s not a new tree (although we’re going to be been planting those as well!), it’s a new pavilion topped with 63 solar panels that will provide shade for visitors and generate electricity for decades to come ...

Open Grown

Open Grown (For all the children) So this is what it looks like, feels like, to be open grown Limbs reaching in all directions toward abundant light, twisting as they may, not as they must All that blue between the finger splay, far and farther, cloud and sky Exuberant Below— another universe of space The room between the standing oaks ...

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