The Belwin Conservancy and our members are working together to protect the St. Croix Valley through land conservation, scientifically-based ecological restoration and by building connections between people and the natural world. The Belwin Conservancy's 1,364 acre preserve includes oak savanna and woodlands, tallgrass prairie, wetlands, and fens. It is home to numerous rare and threatened plants and animals. The Belwin Conservancy is a nonprofit organization and needs your help to continue working to protect the landscape and wildlife of this area.

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The Belwin Conservancy hosts events throughout the year both for our members and some that are open to the public. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and RSVP for them right here.
Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
Sunset Prairie Hike

Meet at Stagecoach Prairies parking lot on 11th Street. This hike is part of a monthly series to discover the changes in the prairie through ...

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In addition to learning about the Belwin Conservancy today, we hope you'll stay connected with our work. Join us and help protect the St. Croix watershed through thoughtful land conservation and by inspiring our connection to the natural world.



There are many great places and ways to visit the Belwin Conservancy's preserve. There are miles of public hiking trails through beautiful restored prairies and even an observation platform.



If you'd like to volunteer your time and expertise, we have many opportunities for you to do so.


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Super Bowl Grant Funds Tree Planting at LWBAF

On August 22, 2017, more than 60 volunteers planted 350 trees at Belwin Conservancy’s Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields (LWBAF). The trees were purchased using a grant from the Super Bowl LII Urban Forestry Program, whose aim is to reduce the environmental impact of Super Bowl events and leave a positive, “green” legacy in host communities. The trees will ...

Grace in Motion

A slender, elegant bird, long of wing, glides magically across wetlands, prairies and meadows. It flies with a light and airy grace, moving low over the vegetation as it hunts its prey. The Northern Harrier is poetry in motion. As a member of the raptor family, the Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus) has the typical hooked beak and long talons. What ...

Witnessing the Historic Eclipse at Belwin

Photos by David Truchot. Photos by David Truchot. Photos by David Truchot. Photos by David Truchot. Photos by David Truchot. Photos by David Truchot. ❮ ❯ On Monday, August 21, 2017, members of the Minnesota Astronomical Society (MAS) and Belwin Conservancy converged at Belwin's J.J. Casby Observatory to witness a historic event: the 2017 eclipse, which was visible only in ...

Mysterious Marvels or Villainous Vagabonds?

Photo by Bear golden retriever from Auburn, N.Y., via Wikimedia Commons. Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) are a member of the Icteridae family, which includes all species of Blackbirds as well as Orioles, Meadowlarks and Bob-o-links. They are a stocky bird with a stout, short bill and can be found in any open pasture, urban yard or grassy forest edge ...

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