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Minnesota's rich tradition and heritage is tied to our outdoors. Along with the nation, Minnesota currently faces enormous economic challenges. Despite that, in 2008 Minnesotans passed the Clean Water, Land & Legacy constitutional amendment which will direct over 300 million dollars a year to preserve these resources. This Vision sets out a 50-year agenda to use these new taxpayer funds responsibly and to get maximal impact from them. Cleaning up our lakes and rivers; protecting and restoring our natural areas; and promoting nature as a place to enjoy by developing parks, trails, hunting, fishing are the reasons Minnesotans passed the Clean Water, Land & Legacy amendment. By using this Fifty-Year Vision as a guide, Minnesota can achieve these goals and pass along its beauty and natural heritage to many future generations.

Conservation Regions

The 50-Year Vision is broken up by region. If you are unsure which region you are in please click here to consult the statewide map.

Red River Valley Agassiz Beach Ridges Aspen Parklands Minnesota River Prairie Prairie Coteau Deciduous Transition Southeast Blufflands Hardwood Hills Northern Lakes Superior Uplands Arrowhead Peatlands Northshore Twin Cities

Statewide map of conservation regions

  1. Red River Valley
  2. Glacial Lake Agassiz Beach Ridges
  3. Aspen Parklands
  4. Minnesota River Prairie
  5. Prairie Coteau
  6. Deciduous Transition
  7. Southeast Blufflands
  8. Hardwood Hills
  9. Northern Lakes
  10. Superior Uplands
  11. Arrowhead
  12. Peatlands
  13. North Shore
  14. Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Development of the 50-Year Vision

The 50-Year vision was developed over the course of several years and relied upon the expertise of a number of individuals and organizations throughout Minnesota. Read more

Campaign for Conservation

The Minnesota Campaign for Conservation is a coalition of citizens and organizations committed to developing long term conservation strategies, funding sources and policies that will ensure the preservation of Minnesota’s cherished outdoor traditions for future generations. Read more