Development of the 50-Year Vision

The Fifty-Year Vision consists of two parts: the Summary Document and the regional plans. Both were developed by following a three-step process:

  1. Defining regions. The Ecological Classification System (ECS) devised by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was used as a base for the 14 regions of the Fifty-Year Vision. Several alterations to the ECS’s subsections were made for the purpose of designing a cogent review process.
  2. Assembling data. Over fifty statewide plans and countless regional plans went into the development of this Vision; many are listed at the end of the summary document. Additionally, Geographic Information System (GIS) data was compiled from various sources and analyzed along with the plans.
  3. Reviewing the Results. Regional teams of conservation experts reviewed the key findings and goals from existing plans. The advisers from each region included a local leader, a facilitator from the University of Minnesota Extension Service and a team of experts with a variety of backgrounds. From October 2006 to August 2007, 35 regional meetings were conducted and over 300 participants provided advice.

The results of all this work can be found in the 50-Year Vision documents. Besides the Executive Summary, a detailed plan and map has been developed for each region of Minnesota.