Hardwood Hills

Rolling hills dotted with lakes and open fields make this region one of the most attractive in the state. The region consists of an appealing mix of small towns that supply a robust economy amid a rural landscape bringing a sense of balance to its residents. Recreational opportunities abound for the sportsman and the nature enthusiast. It is the natural splendor of this area and the connection that the residents feel to their surroundings that attracts people and that appeal continues to this day. Our choices over the next few years will decide if this bucolic richness will be there for the next generation.

Region Leader: Henry Van Offelen, 218-849-5270, mcea@lakesnet.net
Facilitator: Cindy Bigger, 218-998-5793, cbigger@umn.edu

Meeting Schedule

  • March 27, 2007 - Wadena, Pizza Ranch
  • April 24, 2007 - Wadena, Pizza Ranch

Meeting Participants

  • Henry Van Offelen, MCEA
  • Bob Usgaard, Ducks Unlimted
  • Jon Schneider, Ducks Unlimited
  • Paul Diedrich, Department of Natural Resources
  • Terry Sullivan, Dead Lake Lake Association
  • John Maile, The Nature Conservancy
  • Guy Fischer, Housing/Economic Development, Becker County
  • Carrie Anderson, Stearns County SWCD
  • Dave Rush, Douglas County Planning and Zoning
  • Richard Hecock, Pelican River Watershed District
  • Martin Wiley, DNR Forestry, Detroit Lakes
  • Paul Diedrich, DNR Fisheries, Montrose
  • Dennis Fuchs, Stearns SWCD