These are direction to Belwin Conservancy's main office, Belwin's Education Center, and Saint Paul Public Schools' Belwin Outdoor Science program. All three are located at: 1553 Stagecoach Trail South in Afton, Minnesota.

For directions to other Belwin Conservancy locations:

The Belwin Conservancy's office and Belwin Outdoor Science are located about two miles south of Interstate 94 on Stagecoach Trail.

From the West/Twin Cities

  1. Travel eastbound on Interstate 94 towards Wisconsin.
  2. Exit at exit 253 which is Manning Avenue or Highway 95 South.
  3. At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Manning Avenue.
  4. Immediately get into the left lane and turn left onto Hudson Road, the south frontage road.
  5. Travel east on Hudson Road for just over 3 miles.
  6. Turn Right onto Stagecoach Trail. This will be the second stop sign you encounter on Hudson Road.

From the East/Wisconsin

  1. Travel westbound on Interstate 94 towards the Twin Cities.
  2. After crossing the bridge over the Saint Croix River, exit immediately at exit 258 which is Saint Croix Trail or Highway 95 North.
  3. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Saint Croix Trail.
  4. Immediately get into the right lane and turn right onto 8th Street, the south frontage road.
  5. Travel west on 8th Street for roughly half a mile.
  6. At the stop sign, turn left onto Stagecoach Trail.

On Stagecoach Trail

  1. From I94, travel South on Stagecoach Trail for 2 miles.
  2. The road twists and turns a fair amount. Be on the lookout for the Belwin Conservancy on your left at 1553. It is easy to miss. If you cross the stream you have gone too far.
  3. Make a left turn into our driveway.

When you have reached the Belwin Conservancy:

If you are visiting the Belwin Conservancy's office
Park in the lot immediately ahead and to your left. Our office is just up the stairs across from the parking lot.
If you are visiting the Education Center or the Casby Observatory
Bear left and drive past the wooden gate, then up the hill. You will eventually come across a parking area. Please park and then walk up to the education center.
If you are visiting the Bulrush Slough–Lower Classroom
Drive past the Belwin Conservancy Office and keep bearing to the right. You will eventually come across the classroom. Please drive past the classroom and park in the gravel area ahead.

Warning About Internet Maps

Many of the internet-based mapping services get the directions to the Belwin Conservancy wrong. Be cautious of directions to this location. Hudson Road to Stagecoach Trail is more direct and faster than many of the alternatives you might be given.