Outside Voices Series

Open to everyone. $10/suggested donation.

Since its inception, Belwin Conservancy has worked to support nature and education. As we near our 50th anniversary, we are excited to present original programming that celebrates the core of our mission.

On March 5, please join scientist Dr. Hatice Bilgic Lim who lead professor Jerry Allan’s students in a five year effort, to demonstrate the economic value to preserving the Edremit wetlands of Turkey, from MT. Ida to the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the partnership, the Global Citizen project, and Hatice’s on-going effort in Turkey with the Edremit Wetland Conservation.

Dr. Hatice Bilgic Lim's distinguished career includes work as an environmental engineer in Turkey and her current position as scientist at Medtronic. Hatice is passionate about organizing communities, integrating schools and businesses, and demonstrating environmental and economical necessity and opportunity.

Jerry Allan, a Belwin Conservancy board member and professor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), has followed a likewise distinguishing path, from garden infrastructure to pre-emptive peace.

As a professor at MCAD, Jerry translated these concepts into global, student projects including: a doctor for Nepal, a million books for Gambia, a chicken curriculum for a sustainable elementary school in Senegal, and a school waste-to-resource program in Cusco, Peru.

These projects were accomplished in collaboration with the local community and MCAD mentors, who signed on for five years of guiding art and design students to produce implementable results each year.

One of these dedicated MCAD mentors was Hatice Bilgic Lim. She introduced her team of MCAD students to Mount Ida’s heavy metal-tainted waters and drying wetlands, and developed a project for a wetland park where Mount Ida and wetland meet the Agean Sea. Hatice’s work with her hometown of Edremit-Dalyan, Turkey, continues to this day, long after her official commitment has ended.

Join us for an inspiring conversation between these colleagues and friends, and learn about the next renewable technology that is going to save the world!


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March 5th, 2020
from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Education Center
1553 Stagecoach Trail South
Afton MN 55001

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This event is open to Everyone

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