Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields

Child Running on Trail at LWBAF The Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields have been described as one of the highest quality sports facilities available in the metro area. The athletic fields host over 70,000 visits a year, consisting of primarily children and their families from 16 Washington County communities. The site also hosts numerous tournaments bringing in young athletes from other areas.

Beginning in 2011, the St. Croix Soccer Club (SCSC) is serving as the onsite manger of the facility. The Belwin Conservancy continues to own the fields and the associated buildings. The VAA and SCSC provide significant funding for the operation of the site.


The Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields are located at 15601 Hudson Road in West Lakeland, Minnesota. Click here for directions.


Adjacent to the athletic complex, there are two and a half miles of walking trails for you to explore and enjoy. The trails lead through some of the Belwin Conservancy's restored prairies, and during the summer months (June through October) a short walk will take you to see the Belwin Conservancy's bison herd.



To help everyone enjoy their time at the Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields, we ask that you obey the following rules while you are at the athletic complex:

  • No dogs - No dogs on or off leash or inside of your vehicle.
  • No smoking
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No firearms
  • Parking is only allowed in designated areas
  • No barbecuing