Spring, 2009

Director's Message

By Steve Hobbs, Executive Director

It’s been a long winter. Made longer perhaps by the depressing news about the economy, but I’m definitely looking for some brighter days.

As the Belwin Conservancy wakes up to another spring, we’ve learned that the Lower Saint Croix River has just been designated as one of the Top Ten Most Endangered Rivers in America. The Saint Croix has always been one of the region’s gems and countless generations have come to the Saint Croix to live and recreate because of its extraordinary natural beauty. Now, to hear that it is in dire straits, we realize that we can’t take anything for granted - we have to act.

Your membership and support of the Belwin Conservancy is making a difference. As the largest landowner in one of the most important tributaries of the St. Croix, our restoration and land protection efforts are critical to ensuring the long-term health of one of the nation’s great waterways. Your great support of the Metcalf purchase allowed us to buy and permanently preserve an important part of the headwaters of Valley Creek.

This is only the beginning. This spring we are busy with one of the largest restoration efforts in the state at Lake Edith. We’ll soon be burning more than 60 acres. We are gearing up for the bison to return this June. To make your visit more rewarding, we have completely overhauled the trail system and we are improving the interpretive signage. To create a whole new experience for our members, we are working with the Minnesota Astronomical Society to install Minnesota’s largest refracting telescope early this year.

In these uncertain times, you can count on us to make the lands of the Belwin Conservancy whole. Because you know that you are an essential partner, we know we can count on you to help. Your past action and your support today means we don’t need to worry about the Belwin Conservancy’s future. Thank you for caring so much about what we do.

Take care,