Spring, 2009

Lucy News

By Colleen Danford, Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Field Director

As we open another season at Lucy, we look forward to an even busier year than ever before and a new facility that will make this great complex even better. Here is just some of what we have planned for 2009.

New Multipurpose Building

This month we began construction on a new 2,400 square foot building that will provide much needed shelter, and in the future will house bathrooms and a full-service concession stand. For many years, we have really needed this type of multipurpose facility at the north end of the complex. LWBAF Multipurpose Building under constructionNow, due to the generosity of the Andersen Corporate Foundation, and the municipalities of: Bayport, Baytown Township, Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, Lake Saint Croix Beach, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater Township and West Lakeland, we are finally able to build the building. We will continue to fundraise and we hope to add the bathrooms and kitchen in the near future.

Minnesota State Cup

We are very pleased to be hosting the US Youth Soccer Minnesota State Cup this year. This tournament is designed to select the Minnesota league team at each age level and gender to represent Minnesota at the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. This is a very high-profile tournament and hosting it confirms the Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Field’s place among the small number of A-grade athletic field complexes in Minnesota.

Trail Improvements

There has always been a network of trails adjacent to the athletic complex. These trails are meant to introduce visitors to the work of the Belwin Conservancy, provide some information about the prairie, and serve as a respite from the hubbub of the fields. Sadly, these trails have never been very well utilized.

This year, we are planning to make some improvements that we hope will get people walking. We plan to install new signage that will alert visitors to the presence of the trail network, as well as, a series of interpretive signs along the trails. These will help visitors find meaning in the prairie and our work outside of the athletic complex.

Community Event Kick-Off

The Community Volunteer Service and Senior Center will be hosting their summer coordination event at Lucy on Saturday, June 20th. 350 volunteers will meet that morning before they head out into the community to tackle a variety of volunteer projects. Lucy is thrilled to host this celebration of giving back to the community and helping those in need. For more information, contact Lisa Thalacker at (651) 439-7434 or lisa@volunteercvs.org.

For more information about leagues, camp clinics or events for the 2009 Season, contact me at (651) 755-4383 colleen.danford@belwin.org. You can also visit our website.