A Force for Good: Meet Steve Martin, Belwin Volunteer

From the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 issue of The Meadowlark

Like many people, Steve Martin first learned about Belwin by attending the annual bison release. Two years ago, the former executive director of Family Pathways witnessed the crowds, felt the excitement, heard the Belwin story at the release, and wanted to learn more.

Today, he’s an active member and frequent attendee at Belwin events, especially those involving the Joseph J. Casby Observatory and the Minnesota Astronomical Society. Steve is more than just a member, however; he is currently developing and structuring an active volunteer program, one that we’ve needed for several years as interest in volunteering at Belwin has grown.

A career of working with nonprofits taught Steve a lot about the importance of volunteers to the success of an organization. When he learned that Belwin needed someone to help manage the people who are interested in volunteering, Steve felt that he could give back to the organization that he was enjoying so much.

Since he started last spring, Steve has helped to organize the volunteer positions at Belwin into two categories. “If you have a skillset and can commit to a project for a period of time, say three months to a year, that’s a staff volunteer,” he said. “If you can periodically participate in activities or want to be on a general call list, that’s a situational volunteer.”

“Almost any talent, skill or interest you have, we can put to use,” he continued, sharing why he thinks it’s so important to give back by volunteering. “Getting involved in your community is the greatest way to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of people around us.”

Interested in volunteering at Belwin?

Current volunteer opportunities include trail and brush clearing, removal of invasive species, grant writing, database entry, public speaking and presentations, athletic field greeter, and more. Contact the Belwin office at 651-436-5189 x12, email Steve Martin at sjm2882@gmail.com, or complete the Volunteer Interest Application at www.belwin.org/volunteer/form/. Thank you!

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