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The Belwin Conservancy relies on the support of the community for its continuing strength. Every contribution made – no matter the size, no matter the method – makes a difference and allows us to continue our work conserving land in perpetuity for future generations to appreciate.

Bridge Project

Support a new bridge for our special needs students

Every school day students from the Saint Paul & Stillwater Public School District come to Belwin Conservancy to learn about the natural world. They get to experience hands-on experiential outdoor science education. For many of the students this is their first time seeing forests, prairies, turtles and so much more. Belwin outdoor science gives children a chance to be successful in an authentic environment that promotes learning through seeing, hearing touching and doing.

One of our bridges here needs to be replaced. Replacing this bridge is essential as it is primarily used by students with special needs. The bridge is 25+ years old and it's time has come to be replaced. The bridge connects the students classroom to paved paths that wander throughout the forest where the students can experience trees, open spaces and ecology.

This spring we will take down the existing bridge and replace it with a new one that far exceeds the current design. Belwin is working with TreeTrust, another non-profit committed to environmental education, community forestry, and job preparation.

We have raised $10,262, towards our goal of $17,000...... We need to raise $7,000 by April 15th, 2017.

Please help us build this bridge and donate now so that students can continue to be "Inspired by Nature".

Donate now for the Special Needs Bridge


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