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The Belwin Conservancy relies on the support of the community for its continuing strength. Every contribution made – no matter the size, no matter the method – makes a difference and allows us to continue our work conserving land in perpetuity for future generations to appreciate.

Your annual contribution makes you a member of Belwin Conservancy and allows you access to all Belwin member events including Night in Nature and Open Third Saturday Bison Buggy Rides.

2018 Challenge Grant

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Belwin has an exciting opportunity to raise an additional $50,000 through a Challenge Grant. If we meet our goal by the end of 2018, we will receive the $50,000 award.

If you’re looking to make a big impact with a charitable donation to Belwin, the 2018 Challenge Grant will match funds for:

  • New Members: $100 donation or greater
  • 2017 Lapsed Members: Any donation amount for those who renew in 2018

A partial match will be given for the following donation type:

  • Renewing Members: Increased gift of $50 or greater over prior year

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Questions? Contact Connie Hess:, 651-436-5189, ext. 12.

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The members of the Belwin Conservancy have been supporting our work since the organization was first founded in 1971. This annual support is used to fund our operations and directly influences our work.

Please join the Belwin Conservancy today. You can join right now by clicking one of the "Donate Now" buttons above or by filling out and returning this printable donation form.

To thank members of the Belwin Conservancy, we have exciting activities for them throughout the year. Read more on our membership page.

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Click the button at right to make a secure online donation to the Belwin Conservancy. Via Give MN, you can join or renew your Belwin Conservancy membership or make a donation to support one of our special projects. At Give MN, you can do all of the above in installment gifts.

Other Methods of Support

There are many ways to support the Belwin Conservancy and although different, each helps us to sustain our mission and to further our goals. Please consider supporting the Belwin Conservancy today and joining us in this important work.

Ways to give now: