Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to grant funds to charities of your choice. Think of it as a charitable savings account—you put money in the DAF, any potential growth is tax-free, and then you can recommend where your assets go in the form of grants. Gifts given through DAFs are essential to Belwin's work, and have a lasting impact on our region's ecosystems and our community's well being.

How to support Belwin through your DAF


You can use the following link to recommend a grant to Belwin from your DAF.

By Mail

If you do not wish to make your DAF grant recommendation online, contact your sponsoring financial or community foundation to recommend a grant to Belwin. Checks should be made out to Belwin Conservancy and mailed to:

Belwin Conservancy
1553 Stagecoach Trail South
Afton, MN 55001

(651) 436-5189
(651) 436-2899 (fax)

Belwin Conservancy's EIN number is: 41-0967891

You may also name Belwin Conservancy as the beneficiary of the fund during your estate and legacy planning.


If you have any questions about supporting Belwin Conservancy through your donor advised fund, we are here to help. Please contact Angie Eckel at (651) 436-5189 or

Please note that Belwin Conservancy does not provide tax or legal advice. Speak with your professional tax or legal advisor with questions about donor advised funds and gifts to Belwin.