Methods of Support

There are many ways to support the Belwin Conservancy and although each is different, they all help us to sustain our mission and to further our goals. Please take some time to learn about them and consider supporting Belwin today to join in this important work.


Members are the stewards of the Belwin Conservancy. The ongoing financial commitment that our members provide sustains the Belwin Conservancy throughout the year. Membership dollars are used for everything from direct land conservation and program development to essential equipment maintenance and staff salaries. The Belwin Conservancy simply could not operate without this sort of unrestricted funding.

To thank our members for their commitment to the Belwin Conservancy, we hold a series of events specifically for them throughout the year. Once a year our members are also invited to the Annual Meeting so that we can discuss our plans directly with them. In addition, Belwin Conservancy members who give $100 or more Supporting, Sustaining and Benefactor members are offered several more opportunities to visit the Belwin Conservancy throughout the year.

Become a Member of the Belwin Conservancy Today!


Metcalf Marsh The Belwin Conservancy is actively working to protect and restore land in the Valley Creek watershed and beyond. Sometimes as part of this work, we need to raise money in support of one of these specific projects. At these times, we will solicit for additional donations that unlike membership dollars, go towards a specific project and not to our operations.

Thanks to our members, over the last several years we have been able to accomplish some amazing things. We have successfully raised the funds necessary to complete the following projects:

  • 2008: Metcalf Property (12 acres)
  • 2009: Save Kettelkamp Prairie (8 acres)
  • 2010: Valley Creek (17 acres)
  • 2011: Trout Spawning Grounds (50 acres)
  • 2017: Stagecoach Prairies Natural Area (12.8 Acres)


The Belwin Conservancy accepts gifts of stock. These tax-deductible gifts support all of our work protecting and restoring land in the St. Croix Valley and can be made as part of an annual membership contribution.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Twin Cities are blessed with many of the nation’s most generous and compassionate corporate citizens. This region in particular has been the birthplace and inspiration for some of Minnesota’s most successful companies. The Belwin Conservancy is pleased to have the support of some of these organizations.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Belwin Conservancy, please contact us.

Planned Giving

Planned giving provides for the health of this organization and the well-being of the community well into the future. The exact method of planned support is infinitely variable so Belwin Conservancy staff work directly with donors to take their individual needs into account while proving important tax benefits now and in the future. For information on planned giving, please contact us.


One of the Belwin Conservancy's primary missions is to protect land for our future generations. A gift of land is perhaps the most direct way of supporting this organization. Due to our status as a nonprofit, gifts of land can have significant tax benefits. For information on donating land to the Belwin Conservancy, please contact us.