The Belwin Conservancy accepts gifts of stock. These tax-deductible gifts support all of our work protecting and restoring land in the St. Croix Valley and can be made as part of an annual membership contribution.

Donors often obtain significant tax benefits by donating stock that has appreciated in value because under the current tax laws, there is no capital gains tax on the appreciation of donated stock, while the donor receives a tax deduction on the full current value of the gift. However, because state and federal tax laws are complicated, we encourage our donors to consult with their tax advisers concerning gifts of appreciated stock.

How to Transfer Stock to the Belwin Conservancy

It is critical that you contact us, or have your broker contact us to let us know about the transfer if you would like written confirmation from Belwin for your contribution. The Belwin Conservancy will not be notified of your name as part of the wire transfer.

Belwin Conservancy
1553 Stagecoach Trail South
Afton MN 55001
(651) 436-5189
(651) 436-2899

The Belwin Conservancy's EIN number is: 41-0967891

Broker Information

Your stockbroker can directly transfer your stock to the Belwin Conservancy's account with the following instructions:

Morgan Stanley
DTC# 0015
Account# 319075311
Account Name: Belwin Conservancy

Thank You!