Our Work

Tractor Seeding at Lake Edith

The Belwin Conservancy’s property is a microcosm of diverse habitats. Prairie, oak woodlands and savanna, wetlands, ponds, pine forests, streams, goat prairies, and more can all be found on our nearly 1,400 acre preserve.

The Belwin Conservancy incorporates programs and rewarding opportunities for the general public to be exposed to its land allowing people to be changed by experiencing its rich diversity.

The Belwin Conservancy's work incorporates land management and stewardship, ecological research, environmental education, and safe recreational facilities.

The Belwin Conservancy is widely recognized for its land management efforts. All our preserved lands and waters are part of long-term plans that specify restoration goals and methods. We apply the best available science and update these plans as needed.

The need to teach our children about the importance of nature has never been greater. Belwin Outdoor Science at the Belwin Conservancy hosts over 10,000 students a year, keeping them in touch with the natural world.

For more than 30 years, the Belwin Conservancy has welcomed university professors, PhD candidates, undergraduates, high school students, government researchers and volunteers to participate in ecological research on our preserve.

The Belwin Conservancy and the Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields offer Washington County youth a state of the art athletic complex to participate in sporting events and competition.

All of the Belwin Conservancy’s programs create opportunities for the general public to have rewarding experiences in nature.