Environmental Education

Students with Superintendant Siva at The Minnesota Astronomical Society's Casby Observatory

The mission of the Belwin Conservancy is to inspire our connection to the natural world. One of the most important ways that we do this—and the reason Belwin was originally founded in 1971—is through Belwin Outdoor Science.

This unique program is a collaboration between the Belwin Conservancy and the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS). It began in 1971 when Charlie and Lucy Bell founded Belwin and partnered with the SPPS to create a place where the students could get outdoors and be exposed to nature in a safe and welcoming environment.

To facilitate the partnership, Belwin built and continues to maintain a 5,000 square foot education center and dedicated a 225 acre portion of its preserve to the program. For its part, the SPPS designs and delivers the curriculum through its trained staff, and provides for transportation to the property.

Belwin Outdoor Science Logo To date, Belwin Outdoor Science has served over 400,000 students since 1971 and continues to serve over 10,000 kids a year.

The Belwin Conservancy also uses the education center regularly to host a variety of offerings other than the daily classes of Belwin Outdoor Science. These include special workshops, and events for members of the Belwin Conservancy.

Unfortunately, due to the daily class schedule of Belwin Outdoor Science, there is no public access allowed at the education center. Visit this page to learn about areas of our preserve that are open to public visitation.