Land Management

Hooded Warbler
Photo Credit: Francesco Veronesi
Louisiana Waterthrush
Photo Credit: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren
Blanding's Turtle
Photo Credit: Andrew Cannizzaro
Eastern Hognose Snake
Photo Credit: Psyon
American Brook Lamprey
Photo Credit: Fungus Guy
Eastern Spotted Skunk
Photo Credit: Brian Kentosh
Polanisia Jamesii
Photo Credit: Peter Dziuk
Photo Credit: K
Linaria Canadensis
Bombus Affinis
Photo Credit: USGS Public Domain

Black-eyed Susan The Belwin Conservancy seeks to restore the ecological processes that enable the native species of our region to thrive. The Belwin Conservancy has extensively surveyed the lands it owns and utilizes safe and effective land management techniques to accomplish this goal. At the same time Belwin teaches an appreciation and understanding of the complex natural world.

The Belwin Conservancy’s successful land management techniques support several native plant communities including dry sand-gravel prairie, oak forest, oak savanna and three types of wetlands, including floodplain forest, seepage meadow, and rich fen.

In addition, eight animal species and three plant species considered rare, of special concern, or endangered by either the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources or the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, have been documented on Belwin Conservancy property. The rare species documented and managed at Belwin include: